8 Awesome AI Websites To Bookmark Right Now

If you’re not using artificial intelligence to improve your daily life, you’re missing out! AI tools can help with all sorts of tasks that would otherwise need human labor, saving everyone time. And the advantages of utilizing AI are all around you. You only need to take the time to explore them and discover what they can offer you!

Talk To Books

This is an AI tool experiment from Google. You use Talk to Books by typing a query sentence or statement into the search field. Then it will assist you in discovering new viewpoints and books to read.

There are other examples, which you may access by clicking on them. These samples search over 100,000 books for replies that are likely to come up next in the debate.

AI. Image Enlarger

This website will help you enhance any low-quality photos you may have. So even if you have some pixelated, blurry, and not detailed pictures.

Drop your photo into the box and choose between 2X or 4X resolution. Now that you finished, select download. In a matter of seconds, you can improve the image. You will be surprised by the quality of improvement. The pictures are much smoother and more detailed.

Magic Eraser

It is another tremendous AI-powered photo tool. Magic Eraser allows you to remove any unwanted items or objects from your photo.

You can select the brush size; once you’ve set that, you just highlight what you want to remove. Afterward, just click on “erase”. And just like that, the unwanted items disappear. Once you are done, you can download the image.

Speech From Text

With Big Speak, you can generate English-speaking speech. In other words, you can generate from text to speech. First, you add your text, and you can choose the voice. There are several options based on gender and the country.

Next, you scroll down and click on the generate button. And in just a few seconds, Big Speak generates a voice from the text. This AI website allows you to generate realistic-sounding audio from text. Big Speak uses machine learning algorithms to bring you the best voice generation technology.

It is free and can be used on social media videos, clips, or presentations.


This AI tool will help you write better and faster. You can select the language, tone, and use case with its interface. Enter your post topic, select the number of variants (usually three) and creativity level.

It instantly comes up with three different variants of your chosen use case. Rytr is excellent for completely writing your content as inspiration or as a guide to writing your content.

Thing Translator

This website is from Google. Let’s say that you are abroad and there is a language barrier. And you want to translate something like a drink. So you take a picture of that drink, and then you can translate it into that language.

Thing Translator is excellent for your mobile phone and comes in many popular languages.


It is an AI-powered chat companion. When you sign up, you choose your AI friend. You can select between female, non-binary, or male. Give your Replika a name and click on “finish”. And you can start chatting with your Replika.

As you chat, you earn the XP, and then you can go to the store and purchase and personalize your AI Replika. You can choose between different types of conversation, like relaxing, having fun, or learning.

At the top right, you have your wallet. The more you chat the more you earn. At the store, you can buy more different things for your Replika like clothes, appearance, or even personality traits.


OpenAI created the DALL-E and DALL-E 2 machine learning models to produce digital pictures from natural language descriptions. DALL-E was revealed by OpenAI in a blog post in January 2021, and it generates graphics using a modified version of GPT-3. DALL-E 2, a sequel aimed to produce more realistic pictures at greater resolutions that “may mix concepts, traits, and styles,” was revealed by OpenAI in April 2022.

Every DALL-E subscriber will earn 50 free credits for their first month of use, followed by 15 free credits each month thereafter. Each credit can be used to generate one original DALLE prompt (returning four photos) or one edit or variant prompt (returning three images).

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