13 Popular Flight Attendant Influencers Taking Off on Social Media (2024)

Have you ever noticed the infectious energy that comes from a flight attendant’s voice when they make those important safety announcements or see them expertly maneuvering through cramped airplane aisles? Now, with the prevalence of social media, airline flight attendants have become influencers in their own right. From documenting their travels around the world to interacting with pilots and travelers to offering helpful advice on how to pack a suitcase efficiently and gracefully navigate airport security procedures, these individuals offer invaluable insight into what it takes to traverse international skies like an experienced aviator. Here are some popular flight attendant influencers to check out.

Top flight attendant influencers on social media

Laura Verch

As a private flight attendant and travel enthusiast, Laura uses her platform to share her love for her job, travel and adventure. By sharing the breathtaking views she discovers and her personal interest in art, this micro-influencer continues to grow her following. Her Instagram highlights behind-the-scenes photos of work as a private flight attendant.

collab with Laura

Cierra Mistt

Cierra is a flight attendant based out of Salt Lake City who uses her TikTok platform to share flight attendant vlogs and her routines as well as safety guidelines she has learned on the job with more than 3.3M followers. From helping her followers with her dos and don’ts for your next flight to explaining how to get upgraded to first class, Cierra shares it all.


what NOT to do on your next flight ✈️

♬ original sound - Cierra Mistt

Leysha — leyshaa

Known to more than 72.6K followers as their “favorite flight attendant,” Leysha takes to TikTok to share her experiences in the air. Leysha shares everything she knows in a fun way that showcases the behind-the-scenes of the job. Leysha often shows her get-ready-for-work routines and relatable experiences she has had while working in the air.


Pov: im your flight attendant

♬ Shelly duVALLLLLL xxXxxXxxXx - Lauv

Karen Vaje

Karen encourages over 54.2K followers to romanticize their lives just like she has while working as a flight attendant. Karen is an Oslo-based flight attendant with a bunch of knowledge in the industry that she is happy to share on TikTok. With vlogs of her flight attendant training, day-in-the-life vlogs and talking about why she romanticizes her dream job, Karen has collected quite a global audience.

@karenvaje Flight attendant day in the life✈️ - marketing girly edition💅🏽✨#flynorse #cabincrewlife #flightattendant ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Tiara Golgin

Tiara is not only a flight attendant but also a creative influencer who promotes mental health awareness to more than 23.6K followers. This flight attendant creator highlights her favorite parts of her job while sharing and linking her must-haves on her Amazon storefront. When she isn’t sharing her work routine, Tiara posts about mental health.

@tiaragolgin Who let the dogs out tho??? If you know, you know 😂 #flightattendant #airbus321 ##cabincrew ♬ original sound - flightexperiance

Kara Metzger

From Chicago to Atlanta, this Mizzou alum and “professional traveler and foodie” takes to Instagram to share her experiences as a flight attendant. While working as a flight attendant, Kara has explored many destinations and shared more than 14.1K followers.

Jetting Julia

Julia is a flight attendant who takes her 138K subscribers with her along the way. Julia uses her popular platform as a flight attendant creator to share the exciting layover experiences she has while working, what summer travel is like, and life while being a flight attendant for more than five years.

Kacey Cassady

Kacey is a prime example of a flight attendant on YouTube who posts her favorite routines and products that make her life in the air easier. With over 57.8K subscribers, Kacey shares vlogs, packing videos for work and travel, and even how much she spends on specific trips.

Francesco — LIFEbyFrancesco

Francesco is a male flight attendant with the goal of captivating his audience with his experiences while in the air. This flight attendant explains the good and the bad of the job while also showing the exciting vacations and destinations he goes on throughout the year with more than 39.1K subscribers.

Yana — itsyanachka

Meet the newest member of your cabin crew, Yana. Yana is a flight attendant based in Dallas who shares her life on the job with over 253.7K followers. Yana not only shows life in the air and relatable flight attendant experiences, but also posts vlogs of heavy-duty flight attendant makeup, her favorite travel experiences, and advice for those applying to become a flight attendant.

Demi Bonita

Demi shows how lavish the flight attendant lifestyle can be with more than 70.9K followers. Through a series of flight attendant work vlogs and videos showing what life is like currently in Valencia, Demi has grabbed the attention of many. Be sure to look out for her useful hotel hacks and advice on finding great rooms.

Lea — flightattendantbaelee

Lea is flight attendant and digital creator with 128.9K TikTok followers. She uses her platform, flightattendantbaelee, to vlog her life working as a flight attendant for American Airlines. Her content includes videos on her hotel security routine, tips for flight attendant interviews, and a behind the scenes look at the galley.

@flightattendantbaelee 📍 MY hotel security routine. I * GIVEAWAY COMING SOON * | Stay Safe!! #flightattendant #hotel #safety ♬ original sound - Lea


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13 Popular Flight Attendant Influencers Taking Off on Social Media (2024)
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