SilverSingles FAQs - All Your Questions Answered (2024)

Thinking about joining SilverSingles but still have some questions? Find the answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions here! Want to discover more about the mature singles who use our dating site? Need to know how to access your SilverSingles login? Curious about the SilverSingles dating app? We’ve answered all these queries and more.

Who Uses SilverSingles?

Single, 50 +, and looking for a thoughtful, interesting partner? Then you’ll fit right in on SilverSingles. We’re a dating site for senior, mature, and older singles, meaning that although our members hail from all across America, and have a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles, they do have one huge thing in common – they’re all interested in over 50 dating.

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How Do I Join SilverSingles?

Ready to take the plunge and join SilverSingles? The registration process is easy! Start by creating an account and registering your online dating profile. Simply click the button at the top of this article to get started. From there, you will be taken through the joining process step by step. This will include taking our SilverSingles personality test – make sure you give yourself time to answer the questions honestly, as your answers will help us bring you compatible profile matches.

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How Does the SilverSingles Matchmaking Process Work?

At SilverSingles we are committed to bringing our member’s compatible matches. We base these match suggestions on several factors: on location in the USA, on lifestyle plans and relationship goals, and on personality. Once a new member takes our personality questionnaire and creates a profile, we will know enough to start bringing them compatible matches – between 3 and 7 per day!

Read more about our matchmaking process here

How Do I Use the SilverSingles Dating App?

Want to streamline the online dating process even further? Then you need the SilverSingles online dating app. Available as either an iOS dating app or an Android dating app, it’s the ideal way to enjoy the functionality of our desktop site via the portability and convenience of a smartphone.

To use the SilverSingles dating app simply download it from the iTunes store or from the Google Play store. From there, you can log in using your desktop account details or, if you’ve yet to create an account, you can get started directly in the app itself.

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How Do I Create My SilverSingles Dating Profile and Photos?

One of the best ways to find online dating success is to have a dazzling dating profile. On SilverSingles, that’s easy! Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can start filling in your profile section and uploading photos. To do so, simply visit your profile and follow the instructions in each section – you’ll find a mixture of free text fields and drop-down menus that you can customize to let the SilverSingles community know more about you.

Uploading photos is also a cinch: head to your profile and click ‘Edit photo’ to change your SilverSingles profile picture, or choose ‘Add pictures to the album’ to add multiple shots. Just remember to click ‘save’ after any changes you make! Click here for tips on what to write in your dating profile and for insights on the perfect profile pic!

Looking to enhance your profile and online dating skills even further? Together with partners, SilverSingles is here to offer you the chance to receive specialized support that’ll help ensure you get the most out of your dating journey. Whether you’re a newcomer looking for tips, or a veteran seeking some specialist advice, thedating coaching services at Maclynnare ideal for 50+ singles seeking meaningful connections!

Is SilverSingles a Free Dating Site?

It’s free to register for a Basic membership on SilverSingles and you can likewise take the personality test and view the results free of charge. Our free package also lets you set up a profile and have limited communication with other members, making it the perfect way to see if our dating site is right for you.

Of course, those who are serious about seeking real love and companionship can struggle to find equally authentic singles on totally free dating sites. For that reason, we offer our SilverSingles members the option to upgrade to a Premium membership and thus experience the full range of dating services SilverSingles has to offer.

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How Does SilverSingles Protect my Personal Data?

SilverSingles is a senior dating site that treats your online safety and security with the utmost caution. We employ SSL Encryption and a Fraud Detection System as standard across our site, ensuring that your data is in safe hands with us.

What’s more, our Customer Care team carries out daily profile checks on all members. It’s our way of ensuring that the mature single men and women on SilverSingles are genuine about their search for connection.

How do I Log in to My SilverSingles Account?

Once you’ve created a SilverSingles account, logging back in is easy. Simply click on the ‘member login’ box above (or head directly to the homepage), enter the email address and password associated with your account, and hit send. This will take you to your account overview page – from here you can update your profile, see matches, send messages, and more.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to log in to your SilverSingles account

Help – I Can’t Log into SilverSingles and/or I Have Forgotten My Password

SilverSingles login email addresses and passwords are case sensitive, so if you’re having trouble logging into your SilverSingles account, start by checking that the caps-lock key is off.

If you’ve checked that your information is correct and still can’t login, or if you’ve simply forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. This will take you to the reset password page. Enter the email address associated with your account and you will receive an email with a link that will let you reset your SilverSingles password.

What is the SilverSingles Story?

When it comes to senior online dating, SilverSingles is one of the leading players. We should be – our dating site has been around for 17 years and counting! SilverSingles started life as in 2002, changing to Single Seniors Meet in 2009 and, finally, to SilverSingles in 2011, when it became part of the renowned dating group Spark Networks, Inc.

In 2017, Spark Networks, Inc merged with global dating group Affinitas GmbH, creating Spark Networks SE, a new global leader in the world of online dating. This merger has given SilverSingles a new home online and pushed our site to ever greater heights – today we offer senior dating opportunities to singles over 50 in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, France, and Germany.

Throughout all these changes, however, one thing has remained constant – the SilverSingles commitment to helping interesting, mature singles make authentic connections.

Do you have another question about using SilverSingles? Head to our Customer Care section for more in-depth help.

SilverSingles FAQs - All Your Questions Answered (2024)
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