SilverSingles Review 2024 | Costs, Pros & Cons | Datingroo (2024)

SilverSingles Review 2024 | Costs, Pros & Cons | Datingroo (1)

Our SilverSingles review looks at all the features available on both the dating site and app versions of the service. See what you can do for free and what you get with a premium plan. SilverSingles is designed for 50+ singles who are looking for serious relationships, as opposed to casual dating.

In order to give you an accurate SilverSingles review, we did a trial of the service. Find out below if the matchmaking options on this online dating service are a good match for you.

SilverSingles review: How it works

SilverSingles caters to users who want to date 50+ singles. During our SilverSingles review, we found that the service places a high priority on giving its users compatible matches. This was clear from the sign-up process to how matches are shown.

The service places a strong emphasis on social values, professional background, and religious beliefs.

Who can you find on SilverSingles?

SilverSingles lets users sign up as a man or woman who wants to meet men or women. The gender split of its users means that there are more women than men on the platform.

During our SilverSingles review, we found that the detailed sign up questionnaire helped users refine who they were looking for based on a range of criteria, including:

  • Personality traits
  • Lifestyle preferences
  • Ethnicity
  • Educational background
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Physical attributes

SilverSingles dating app

SilverSingles users can access this mature dating platform through a dedicated mobile app. The SilverSingles dating app is free to download for iPhones and Android devices. The app currently holds a 3.5/5 score on the Apple app store and a 3/5 rating on Google Play.

This is what you can do on the app for free:

  • Take your personality test.
  • Fill out your profile.
  • Receive up to 7 matches every day.
  • View user profiles.
  • Send smiles or likes.
  • Answer icebreaker questions and read replies.
  • Add photos from Facebook directly to your profile.
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SilverSingles review: Pros and cons

Here are the pros and cons we found as part of our SilverSingles review.


  • Insightful personality test results are available for free.
  • Impressive matchmaking features help you find highly compatible matches.
  • Users can state what traits are most important in their search.
  • SilverSingles customer care team can be contacted by phone or email.
  • New profiles are reviewed to enhance online safety.
  • SilverSingles app puts most dating features at your fingertips.
  • SilverSingles blog has inspiring success stories.
  • For an additional cost, you can book a personal profile makeover session.


  • The free account does not let you talk to potential matches.
  • Photo viewing is restricted to premium members.

SilverSingles review: Cost

As part of this SilverSingles review, we took a close look at how much you have to pay for premium services. Here’s the SilverSingles cost breakdown.

SilverSingles DealTotal Package PriceMonthly price comparison
1 months Premium MembershipA$48.66A$48.66
3 months Premium MembershipA$95.84A$31.95
6 months Premium MembershipA$149.95A$24.99

While these prices are subject to change (depending on seasonal and promotional offers), it’s clear that the 6-month premium membership to SilverSingles provides the greatest value for money here.

SilverSingles Cost Tip: SilverSingles membership is set to auto-renew at the end of the subscription period. If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to contact SilverSingles at least 24 hours before the end of your subscription to request.

As a separate one-off service, you can also book a personal profile makeover for $99 a session. A SilverSingles expert will call you and help you select the best photos for your profile and fill out all your details to increase your chances of getting a date.

SilverSingles review: Free and premium features

This is the feature breakdown for free and premium users on SilverSingles.

SilverSingles free featuresSilverSingles premium features
Register on the siteRegister on the site
Take the personality testTake the personality test
View your personalized test resultsView your personalized test results
Create a profileCreate a profile
View matchesView matches
Send smilesSend smiles
Unlimited communication
See who visited your profile
View all member photos
Read receipts for messages you send
Up to 20 bonus wildcard matches a day

Getting started with SilverSingles

Here are the first steps to get started on SilverSingles:

  1. Select your gender and the desired gender of your matches. You can choose between male and female.
  2. Click on the Captcha box to prove that you are not a bot.
  3. Select your marital status: never married, divorced, or widowed. Note that there is no option for married people.
  4. Confirm your gender and what gender you are looking for in your matches. You can only choose between male and female.
  5. State your level of education.
  6. Set your height.

At this point, you’ve completed the initial sign-up steps but you are not done yet. You will then begin the personality questionnaire which has over 100 questions covering a wide range of topics.

It’s best to set aside an hour to complete your SilverSingles registration so you get the most out of it. Here are some of the topics the personality questionnaire covers.

  • Self-image
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality traits
  • Social values
  • Religious beliefs
  • Relationship goals
  • Date planning
  • Intimacy preferences
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SilverSingles review: Ease of use

During our SilverSingles review and trial, we found that dating features are divided into five sections:

  1. Messages: This is your message inbox where you can read and reply to messages. Additionally, you will also see any smiles you have sent or received.
  2. Matches: You will see up to seven matches a day. You get basic details like first name, age, professional background, and rough location. You can send a message or a smile directly from here. The numbers on the photos are your compatibility percentage, showing how compatible you are with each match.
  3. Visitors: Users who have visited your profile will show up here. Additionally, you can filter them based on distance, age range, ethnicity, and religion.
  4. Have You Met: SilverSingles doesn’t leave much to chance with its matchmaking technology. This section lets you be surprised by users who may not be as compatible but can still catch your eye.
  5. Profile & Settings: You can edit your profile and preferences in this section.

SilverSingles review: FAQs

Find answers to common queries that came up during our SilverSingles review.

Is SilverSingles legit?

Our SilverSingles review found that this is a legit dating site and app for 50+ singles. SilverSingles has robust profile verification to protect users from scammers, rip-off tactics, scam site links, and fake profiles. The service uses SSL authentication to better secure personal information.

Is SilverSingles a free dating site?

The SilverSingles basic membership is free, and there’s also a premium membership available at different prices depending on how long you sign up for. During our SilverSingles review, we discovered that a paid membership is needed to get the most out of the site.

How does the SilverSingles matchmaking process work?

SilverSingles created an innovative matchmaking system that takes all the hassle out of finding your potential matches. The over 50s dating site combines an in-depth personality test with the qualities that you’re looking for in a partner, so it can suggest the members that are your best match.

Who uses SilverSingles?

Catering to a growing demographic that’s often neglected by mainstream dating sites, the Silver dating service aims to create genuine connections between mature, single men and women aged 50+.

How do I cancel my SilverSingles membership?

To cancel your SilverSingles membership, you have to contact customer support by email. You can contact customer support by logging into your account.

Remember SilverSingles memberships automatically renew at the end of the subscription period unless you contact customer support at least the day before the end of your membership.

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SilverSingles review: Final words

Throughout our SilverSingles review, we found this mature dating site to be convenient and inviting. SilverSingles feature set and design successfully meet the needs of 50+ singles. By providing both a dating site and app, users have the best of both worlds.

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