Cyberpunk 2077: Patch 2.1 to the Rescue for Troubled Quests

Night City is abuzz with chatter about the upcoming 2.1 patch for Cyberpunk 2077. This highly anticipated update aims to squash bugs like a can of Raid to the roach infestation in V’s apartment.

Scheduled for release in December, Patch 2.1 promises to take the gaming experience from a glitchy mess to smoother than one of Johnny Silverhand’s pick-up lines.

Quest Fixes

Several quests plagued by issues are finally getting an exorcism in this update.

During “Balls to the Wall”, repeating dialogue will no longer condemn players to an endless incorporeal prison.

In “Dog Eat Dog”, players can now earn Relic points only once from Songbird, preventing farmers from exploiting her for infinite XP.

Other quests getting a fix include “Firestarter”, where V can now refrain from spontaneously merging with walls and ceilings.

“Moving Heat” will also see traffic return after completion, instead of drivers mysteriously vanishing like your high school crush who said they’d call but never did.

Performance Enhancements

The update brings much needed turbo boosts to performance, especially in the infamously laggy Dogtown. Audio, visuals, and other features are getting suped up with fixes to put some more muscle under Cyberpunk’s hood.

Visual Upgrades

Night City’s getting a full makeover, with visual fixes to animations, scenes, lighting and more. For example, Reed will now wear his party fit when talking to Songbird during “You Know My Name”, so you can marvel at his fashion sense while ignoring what he says.

In Conclusion…

Patch 2.1 demonstrates the developer’s commitment to smoothing Cyberpunk’s rough edges. With this nip and tuck to squash bugs and enhance performance, the update aims to give players the experience they expected instead of the glitchy mess they got.

Stay tuned for more on Cyberpunk 2077 as we continue exploring Night City’s seedy underbelly. Happy gaming, and watch out for rogue AIs!

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