Freevee: Amazon’s Free Streaming Platform

What Is Freevee?

Freevee is Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming video service that offers movies and TV shows at no additional cost beyond what advertisements provide. While it may seem like a new entrant into the crowded streaming landscape, Freevee (formerly known as IMDb TV) has actually been available for a few years.

This article will explore what Freevee is, the types of content available on the platform, and how it compares to other free streaming options.

Who Owns Freevee?

Freevee is owned and operated by Amazon, the same company that owns online retail giant as well as popular streaming service Prime Video. Amazon acquired IMDb, the internet movie database, in 1998 and launched IMDb’s free streaming arm under the name IMDb Freedive in 2019 before rebranding it as IMDb TV in 2021. In April 2022, Amazon rebranded the service yet again under its current name – Freevee.

Despite the multiple name changes, Freevee has always been an Amazon-backed streaming platform. It is accessible through the Prime Video app on connected devices like smart TVs, streaming sticks, and mobile devices. While separate from Prime Video, Freevee benefits from Amazon’s vast resources and content library.

Is Freevee Really Free?

Yes, Freevee does not charge any subscription fees – it is completely free to watch. The service is ad-supported, with advertisements played before and during shows and movies. There are no other premium subscription tiers or in-app purchases either. As long as a user is willing to watch ads, all of Freevee’s content library can be accessed at no cost.

This makes Freevee truly unique among major streaming platforms. Competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ all have various priced subscription tiers, while services like Peacock have both ad-supported free and premium ad-free options. Freevee stands alone as a completely free, ad-based option.

Is There a Freevee App?

While Freevee’s content can be accessed directly through the Prime Video app, there is also a standalone Freevee app available for download. The Freevee app is free and can be used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well as on streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

The Freevee app provides a dedicated space for browsing and searching only Freevee’s library of movies and shows separately from Prime Video. It also allows for offline downloads on mobile for viewing content without an internet connection. However, all the same titles available on the Prime Video app are also found on Freevee.

What Shows and Movies Are Available on Freevee?

Freevee offers a large and constantly changing selection of TV shows and movies from major studios. Some of the most popular titles available include:

  • Lost – All 6 seasons of the iconic ABC drama series.
  • The Twilight Zone (original series) – Rod Serling’s classic sci-fi/horror anthology.
  • Binge-worthy comedies like Schitt’s Creek, Raising Hope, Parks and Recreation.
  • Action/adventure shows like 24, The Unit, Burn Notice.
  • Children’s content from Nickelodeon like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer.
  • Blockbuster movies like The Terminator, The Bourne Identity, Field of Dreams.

The library also includes original Amazon series like Alex Rider and Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary. Content comes from partners like NBCUniversal, Sony, and other major studios. While the selection is more limited than paid services, it offers thousands of titles across many genres for free.

How Does Freevee Compare to Other Free Services?

Freevee faces competition from other free, ad-supported streaming platforms:

  • Pluto TV – Live TV channels and on-demand movies/shows streamed for free. Owned by Paramount.
  • Tubi – Ad-supported movies and shows. Owned by Fox Corporation.
  • Crackle – Sony’s free streaming service with movies and originals.
  • IMDB TV (Amazon) – Sister service to Freevee with similar content and model.

The main advantage Freevee has compared to rivals is its ownership by Amazon, one of the biggest companies in entertainment. This allows Freevee to secure blockbuster movies, popular shows, and strike lucrative output deals that other services can’t match.

Freevee is also integrated into Amazon’s Prime ecosystem. While it’s a separate app/service, the content is accessible in the Prime Video interface as well. This provides more visibility than competitors have on their own standalone platforms and apps.

Does Freevee Offer Parental Controls?

Yes, Freevee includes parental controls to filter content for children. When first using the service, users will be prompted to set a PIN to lock profiles with access to mature ratings. From the settings menu, specific maturity ratings can then be blocked from each profile.

Profiles can also be set to “Child” which only allows G and PG rated content to autoplay or be browsed. All other titles will require the parental PIN to access. This allows parents to create a walled garden experience for kids without unwanted mature content.

In Summary

Freevee provides an easy, no-cost way to stream thousands of movies and TV shows thanks to its advertising-supported model. As Amazon’s free streaming platform, it benefits from strong content partnerships major studios can’t ignore.

While the library may not match paid services in size, Freevee offers quality programming from popular shows to blockbuster films. It also provides a user-friendly interface and parental controls for families. As a free addition to Prime Video, Freevee is worth checking out for casual viewers looking to save money on entertainment.

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