Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming: A Comprehensive Guide to Early Access

Are you a Genshin Impact fan who’s tired of constantly worrying about storage space on your device? Do you dread every update because it means deleting your favorite apps just to make room for the game? Well, fear not! The gods of gaming have smiled upon us and gifted us with Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming!

Yes, that’s right, my fellow Travelers, Genshin Impact has taken to the Clouds, and it’s causing quite a stir in the gaming community.

With the game getting bigger and better with each update, it’s no surprise that players are starting to feel the strain on their storage space.

But Cloud Gaming is here to save the day! No longer do we have to sacrifice our favorite apps and photos to make room for Genshin Impact; we can now simply rely on the internet to do all the heavy lifting.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming, its early access release, and what we know so far about this exciting new feature!

What is Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming?

Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming

Genshin Impact cloud gaming is a way of playing Genshin Impact on your device without downloading or installing the game.

It works by streaming the game from a powerful server to your device over the internet. This way, you can enjoy the game at high settings even if your device is not very powerful, as long as you have a stable and fast internet connection.

Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming is different from NVIDIA GeForce NOW, as the latter is a cloud gaming service that allows users to stream games from their libraries rather than playing specific games on a server.

Early Access Release Date

The Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming beta test was released on April 17, 2023. It’s worth noting that this is just the beta test version of the game, and the public release of Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming is yet to be announced.

The beta test was limited to Malaysian and Singaporean players, and recruitment took place between March 13 and March 20, 2023. Unfortunately, new players cannot sign up for the beta test at this time.

How Does Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming Work?

Players who have access to the Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming beta test can download the Cloud app, which is only 56 MB in size.

Once downloaded, players can use their regular Genshin Impact accounts to log in and start playing. The game runs on servers rather than the player’s device, which means that the device’s technical specifications are less important.

It also means that players can experience better graphics and higher frame rates, even on devices that may not be able to handle these features.

However, Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming is reliant on a stable internet connection. Players will need a fast and stable internet connection to have the best experience with the game. This feature can be a significant advantage for players who don’t have a device with enough storage space or technical specifications to run the game efficiently.

Who Can Access Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming?

Currently, only Android players in Malaysia and Singapore have access to the beta test of Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming.

It’s unclear if iOS or PC players will have early access to the new feature in the future.

Chinese Android gamers had access to the Cloud service in April 2021, which could mean that players from other regions will have access to the feature in the future.

Until then, players can continue using NVIDIA GeForce NOW to experience Genshin Impact without worrying about storage space or technical issues.

How much does it cost to use miHoYo’s cloud gaming platform?

The cost of using miHoYo’s cloud gaming platform for Genshin Impact depends on whether you choose to pay by the hour or by the month.

If you choose to pay by the hour, you will need to buy Mi Cloud Coins, which are equivalent to RMB ¥2 or about USD $0.3 per hour.

If you choose to pay by the month, you will need to buy a Play Card, which costs RMB ¥60 or about USD $9 for a 30-day unlimited subscription.

However, these prices are only for the beta testing period and may change in the future.

How can I buy Mi Cloud Coins or Play Cards?

To buy Mi Cloud Coins or Play Cards, you need to have a PayPal account and send a personal message to the seller of these items. You also need to enter your MIUI ID and how much Mi Cloud Coins or Play Cards you want in the description field and amount. (You can find your MIUI ID by going to the Xiaomi Cloud website and signing in with your Xiaomi account.)

Alternatively, you can also buy Mi Coin (MI), which is a cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase Mi Cloud Coins or Play Cards. You can buy Mi Coin on Coinbase Wallet, which is a self-custody wallet that lets you access crypto. However, you need to have a Coinbase Wallet account and a compatible device to use this method.


While it’s uncertain when the public version of Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming will be released, we can assume that it won’t be long before it becomes available to a wider audience. When that time comes, players from all over the world will be able to experience Genshin Impact without worrying about storage space or technical limitations.

Genshin Impact Cloud Gaming is an exciting development for the game and the gaming community in general. While its limited release may be disappointing to some, it’s important to remember that this is just the beta test, and the full release is likely not far behind.

Whether you’re a seasoned Genshin Impact player or a newcomer to the game, Cloud Gaming offers a convenient and accessible way to enjoy the game without worrying about technical issues or storage limitations. So sit back, relax, and let the Cloud take care of everything else. Happy gaming!

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