How to Create Glittering Elixirs in Genshin Impact [Full Potion Recipes List]

by Henry James

One of Genshin Impact’s recent events is Glittering Elixirs, a web-based event that involves crafting potions with different ingredients and effects.

The event runs from May 11 to May 20, so make sure to craft all the potions before it ends!

In this article, we will show you how to participate in the event, what are the rewards, and how to make all 16 potions.

How to Participate in Glittering Elixirs Event

To join the Glittering Elixirs event, you need to have an Adventure Rank of 10 or above and log in to the event page with your Mihoyo account or UID (for PS4 users). You can access the event page via the in-game notices or the official social media accounts of Genshin Impact.

Once you are on the event page, you will see a shelf with various ingredients and a pot where you can mix them. You can select any two ingredients from the shelf and add either water or oil as the base. Then, you can heat up the pot and see what potion you get. You can also interact with Cyno and Nahida, two characters from the game, who will give you some special ingredients.

Glittering Elixirs Event Potion Recipes

There are 16 different potions that you can make in the Glittering Elixirs event, each with a unique name and effect. Some of them are based on existing items or characters in Genshin Impact, while others are new and original. Here is a list of all the potion recipes and their ingredients:

Potion NameEffectIngredients
Invigorating Summer PotionA refreshing drink that boosts your energy on hot days.Water + White Iron Chunk + Mint
Sweet Bug Bait PotionA sweet liquid that attracts bugs. Useful for catching butterflies or frogs.Water + White Iron Chunk + Ajilenakh Nut
Nahida’s Cooling WaterprooferA potion that prevents water damage and keeps you cool. Nahida’s specialty.Water + White Iron Chunk + Henna Berry
Calming OilAn oil that soothes your nerves and relaxes your muscles. Good for massages.Oil + Luminescent Spine + Zaytun Peach
Sweet Dreams Sleep FragranceA fragrance that induces deep sleep and pleasant dreams. Don’t use it while driving!Oil + Crystal Chunk + Zaytun Peach
Invigorating Cool Mint DrinkA minty drink that refreshes your breath and clears your mind. Great for studying.Water + Butterfly Wings + Mint
Dancing Butterflies RefreshmentA fruity drink that makes you feel light and cheerful. Butterflies love it too.Water + Butterfly Wings + Zaytun Peach
Nahida’s Vivifying Forest EssenceA potion that enhances your vitality and connection with nature. Nahida’s favorite.Water + Frog + Ajilenakh Nut
Growth Potion: For PlantsA potion that stimulates plant growth and health. Use it on your garden or farm.Oil + White Iron Chunk + Starshroom
Fragrant BalmA balm that emits a pleasant aroma and moisturizes your skin. Good for dry weather.Oil + Luminescent Spine + Ajilenakh Nut
Cooling PotionA potion that lowers your body temperature and prevents heatstroke. Drink it before going out in the sun.Oil + Luminescent Spine + Mint
Energy Booster: Endorsed by the General MahamatraA potion that boosts your physical strength and endurance. Recommended by General Mahamatra of Sumeru Academia.Oil + Luminescent Spine + Nilotpala Lotus
Beautifying Oil: For DecorationAn oil that enhances your beauty and charm. Use it for special occasions or dates.Oil + Crystal Chunk + Ajilenakh Nut
Nutrients for HouseplantsA potion that nourishes your houseplants and makes them more lively. Use it once a week for best results.Oil + Crystal Chunk + Starshroom
Mira-Cure PotionA potion that heals minor wounds and illnesses. A must-have for adventurers.Oil + Butterfly Wings + Starshroom
Cyno’s Wind-Resistant SunscreenA sunscreen that protects you from UV rays and wind damage. Cyno’s invention.Oil + Sand Grease Pupa + Mint

Glittering Elixirs Event Rewards

The event rewards you with Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore for making different potions and obtaining special materials from Cyno and Nahida. You can claim your rewards on the event page and receive them via in-game mail. Here is a table of the rewards you can get:

2 Potions ObtainedPrimogems x 20
Mora 10,000
4 Potions ObtainedPrimogems x 20
Mora 40,000
8 Potions ObtainedPrimogems x 20
Mora 40,000
12 Potions ObtainedPrimogems x 20
Hero’s Wit x 4
16 Potions ObtainedPrimogems x 20
Hero’s Wit x 4
Obtained Special Materials From Nahida (x2)Primogems x 10
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 2
Obtained Special Materials From Cyno (x2)Primogems x 10
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 2

We hope this guide helped you enjoy the Glittering Elixirs event in Genshin Impact more! Have fun crafting potions and collecting rewards!

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