Genshin Theory BLOWS UP After Players Notice Weird Detail In Neuvillette – Could He Be An…ARCHON?

by Henry James
Neuvillette: Genshin Impact

As an avid Genshin Impact player, I’ve spent countless hours browsing the game’s subreddit in anticipation of new character banners and updates. Over time, I’ve grown to recognize common patterns in how leakers and data miners unveil upcoming content. But I have to say, no character has generated as much intrigue and theorizing as the upcoming five-star Hydro user – Neuvillette.

Ever since his model and animations first surfaced online, Neuvillette has sparked endless speculation about his backstory and true nature. As a longtime lore nerd, I couldn’t resist diving headfirst into Reddit’s Neuvillette discussion threads. After weeks of scouring posts and comments, I feel like I’ve pieced together a fairly comprehensive understanding of this enigmatic character. Allow me to share what I’ve gleaned from my Neuvillette research binge.

Glowing Horns and Eyeballs

It all started with subtle character model details that didn’t sit right with some observers. Reddit detectives quickly zoomed in on Neuvillette’s character animations, noting the blue glow emanating from his horns during charged attacks. Others spotted the subtle eye design inked onto his palm. These peculiar features launched a flurry of hypotheses.

Some posited the eye was just a tattoo, while others linked it to mystical visions or power. As for the horns, popular theories emerged that Neuvillette was hiding aquatic dragon lineage. After all, what human has naturally glowing horns? The speculation grew more colorful – could he be an ancient sea serpent in a human vessel? A cursed demigod banished to walk as mortal? Time will tell, but the mysteries surrounding his ornamentation have certainly piqued my curiosity.

Not Your Average Hydro User

As the first leaked clips of Neuvillette’s skills spread, it became clear he was no ordinary character. His charged attack unleashes a novel water ring, while his skill summons a towering geyser. Both abilities suggest immense Hydro power on a scale we’ve yet to see. This only fueled theories that Neuvillette’s true potential lies dormant, with hints he may transform or tap hidden wells of magic.

The leaks also introduced his signature weapon – the Tome of Eternal Flow. Boasting HP scaling and charged attack buffs, it seems tailored to Neuvillette’s survivability-oriented kit. Reddit’s theory crafters posited the tome could unlock additional effects if certain HP thresholds are met during battle. The weapon’s enigmatic name and bonuses further fed suspicion that Neuvillette has more secrets left to unveil.

Not an Archon…Or Is He?

When early character model spotters noted Neuvillette’s glowing horns rather than hair, it ignited debates shuttering the idea he’s an Archon. However, detectives on Reddit found parallels between his abilities and those reminiscent of Hydro archon projectiles. There was also speculation his idle animations contain subtle hydro-orb abilities yet to be shown.

This spurred spirited counter-theorizing that Neuvillette could in fact be assigned a greater role like a divine vessel or long-lost prince. The leading argument links his magical eye and watersculpting talents to potential lineage from Fontaine’s (unreleased) hydro dragon. With intriguing nods to Hydrosphere models strewn around Reddit, the hydro dragon vessel theory still seems to hold water for many detectives. Only his full lore can confirm, but Neuvillette’s potential as a unexpected Archon-like figure lives on as a compelling rabbit hole.

First Elemental Dragon Character?

As the animated splash arts circulated, I noticed curious viewers fixating on Neuvillette’s horns. Their fleeting glow during charge attacks seemingly cemented theories of his draconic nature for many. Could he represent Genshin’s first humanized elemental dragon character? Some Reddit theorists argue his skills match what one would expect from a hydro dragon – summoning currents through horns and tails feels too on-theme to be coincidence.

I’ve also noticed compelling comparison shots between Neuvillette’s horns and spiral patterns seen on Hydrosphere enemies. There are even resemblances to artwork depicting Fontaine’s protector dragon. While not definitive proof, the parallels give creedence to the notion that Neuvillette is more sovereign beast than mortal man. Only time will tell if his drooped dragon ears will one day perk up to reveal reptilian visage within.

Final Thoughts (For Now)

After weeks immersed in Neuvillette speculation, I’m both more intrigued and more perplexed than when I started. One thing remains clear – his ambiguous model details and unique skillset have ignited the imagination of Genshin’s lore community. From theories of secret dragon heritage to grand archon potential, Reddit detectives have pulled no punches in their analyses.

While I can’t say any one idea rings entirely true, each hypothesis stems from valid observations and connections within the game’s established lore. Like many players, I’m impatient to see Neuvillette shine in combat and learn his mysterious backstory. Until then, his air of mystery keeps the Neuvillette conversation lively on Reddit.

One thing’s for sure – this enigmatic hydro boy is sure to bring bountiful surprises and discussion when he splashes into Genshin Impact later this month.

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