GTA 6 Update: Rockstar Confirms Progress and Trailer Release Timeline

Buckle up, gamers and gangsters! The virtual streets are about to get hotter as Rockstar Games gears up to drop some major updates on GTA 6.

We’ve got the scoop on their progress and when you can expect the highly-anticipated trailer to hit your screens.

GTA 6 Trailer Release Announcement

  • Official Confirmation: Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that the first trailer for GTA 6 will be released in early December. This announcement was made by Sam Houser, the founder of Rockstar Games, via a message on their website​1​.
  • Significant Timing: The trailer release coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Grand Theft Auto series, marking a milestone in the franchise’s history​
  • Game Awards Speculation: The trailer release date aligns with the 2023 Game Awards event on December 7. While there’s no confirmation that GTA 6 will be featured at this event, it’s noteworthy that the Game Awards has been a platform for major game announcements in the past​
  • Anticipation Building: This announcement has significantly heightened anticipation among fans and gamers, as they eagerly await the first look at the next chapter in the GTA saga.

Development Progress

  • Active Development: Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that the development of the next Grand Theft Auto game is well underway
  • Beyond Previous Achievements: Rockstar aims to significantly surpass what they’ve achieved in the past. This philosophy indicates ambitious goals for GTA 6
  • Evolving Map Rumors: There are speculations about the game featuring a Fortnite-style evolving map, although specifics are not yet confirmed
  • Multiple Studio Involvement: Similar to their approach with other major releases like Red Dead Redemption II, Rockstar is likely utilizing multiple studios for the development of GTA 6

GTA6 Release Date Estimates

  • Projected Time Frame: The expected release date for GTA 6 is between April 1, 2024, and March 31, 2025
  • Take-Two Interactive’s Financial Forecast: This release window aligns with Take-Two Interactive’s targets for fiscal 2025
  • Bloomberg Reports: Sources familiar with Rockstar Games’ plans suggest an announcement could be imminent
  • Financial Goals: GTA 6 is anticipated to be a key driver for Take-Two to achieve over $8 billion in net bookings and significant operating performance improvements in fiscal 2025
  • Insider Predictions: According to insiders, the aimed, yet flexible, deadline for GTA 6 is holiday 2024, with a possibility of slipping into early 2025
  • Potential for DLCs: There are discussions about possibly cutting parts of the game to release later as downloadable content (DLC) to meet the deadlines

Past Success and Future Expectations

The last GTA installment, GTA V, released in 2013, has remained popular, thanks in part to its online component and continuous updates for newer console generations. The success of GTA V and other Rockstar titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 sets a high bar for GTA 6.

GTA 6 Leaks

  1. The Leak Incident:
  • The leaks occurred due to a network intrusion at Rockstar Games, allowing unauthorized access to game assets, including early development footage of GTA 6
  • A user named “teapotuberhacker” on GTAForums posted over 90 clips from an early build of GTA 6, claiming the footage was obtained from Rockstar’s internal Slack, which also included source code for the game
  1. Content of the Leaks:
  • The leaked footage, totaling nearly an hour, showed gameplay in Vice City, aligning with Bloomberg’s report that GTA 6 would be set in this location
  • Two playable characters, a male named Jason and a female named Lucia, featured in the gameplay, hinting at a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired narrative
  • Gameplay elements included the ability to crouch, go prone, and move while doing so, as well as a mechanic to pick up bodies, suggesting stealth gameplay might be significant in GTA 6
  1. Rockstar’s Response:
  • Rockstar confirmed the authenticity of the leaks, expressing disappointment over the manner of the reveal but reassured there would be no long-term effect on the project
  • The company stated that their live game services and ongoing projects, including GTA 6, would continue as planned despite the incident
  1. Industry and Community Reaction:
  • Many in the gaming industry, including journalists and developers like Neil Druckman and Cliff Bleszinski, expressed support for Rockstar and criticized the hackers
  • Rockstar thanked the community for their ongoing support through the situation
  1. Actions Taken by Rockstar and Take-Two:
  • Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, filed DMCA requests to remove leaked footage from the internet
  • The original forum post on GTAForums that hosted the leak was removed at the request of Take-Two
  1. Further Investigations:
  • The FBI is investigating the hacker allegedly behind the GTA 6 leaks, who might also be involved in other cyberattacks, including one on Uber
  1. Speculations and Unconfirmed Details:
  • While the leaked footage suggested that GTA 6 would take place in the modern day, with references to events from GTA 5, these details are subject to change as the footage likely represents a work-in-progress or an older version of the game

This incident is one of the biggest leaks in video game history, highlighting the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by major game developers in the digital age. Despite the setback, Rockstar’s commitment to continuing development as planned indicates resilience and a focus on delivering a high-quality gaming experience.


The excitement for GTA 6 is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the trailer in December. Rockstar’s commitment to exceeding their previous work and the substantial progress already made in development suggest that GTA 6 will be a landmark entry in the series. As the release window draws closer, the anticipation will only grow stronger.

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