How Honkai: Star Rail Pity System Works

Honkai: Star Rail, developed by Hoyoverse, is a role-playing gacha game that was released globally in November 2023. Like many other gacha games, Honkai: Star Rail features a pity system to help players obtain rare characters and weapons over time through repeated pulls on banners. Understanding how the pity system works is important for players to maximize their chances of getting desirable units.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Honkai: Star Rail’s pity system mechanics, including how pity counters work on different banners, soft and hard pity thresholds, and other key aspects!

Character Event Banners

Character event banners are some of the main banners in Honkai: Star Rail that feature new limited-time characters. These banners have a pity system that guarantees players will obtain a 5-star character within 90 pulls if they have not gotten one yet. The pity is specifically for 5-star characters only and does not include other rarities.

The pity counter starts at zero each time a player obtains a 5-star character from the character event banner. This means the counter resets once a 5-star is pulled. Players are not guaranteed to get the featured character, as any 5-star character from the permanent pool can be obtained instead. There is a roughly 50% chance to get the featured character each time a 5-star appears. This mechanic is known as the 50/50 system.

In terms of soft and hard pity thresholds, players have noticed their odds of pulling a 5-star character start increasing significantly around pull 70. Pull 90 is considered the absolute maximum or “hard pity” where a 5-star is guaranteed without fail. However, it’s common for most players to obtain a 5-star before reaching the 90th pull.

Light Cone Banners

Light cone banners in Honkai: Star Rail function very similarly to the character banners but have an even higher pity rate. These banners guarantee a 5-star item (character or weapon) every 80 pulls without one. Like character banners, the pity counter resets once a 5-star is obtained. Players also have a roughly 50% chance each 5-star pull to obtain the featured unit.

Soft pity is believed to start around pull 65 on light cone banners. And exactly 80 pulls is considered the hard pity threshold where the 5-star is guaranteed without fail. Overall, light cone banners have a slightly higher chance of yielding a 5-star item than the character banners due to the lower 80-pull pity threshold.

Standard Banner

The standard banner in Honkai: Star Rail, called the “Regular Warp,” allows players to permanently obtain a wide pool of characters and weapons without any rate-ups. This banner has the same 90-pull pity system as character event banners to guarantee a 5-star character.

However, the standard banner also offers additional rewards not found on other banners. If a player accumulates 300 total pulls on the standard banner without obtaining a 5-star character, they will be given a reward that lets them directly select one 5-star character of their choice. The character selection pool for this reward updates periodically.

Carryover Pity

In Honkai: Star Rail, pity counters are separate between different banner types and do not carry over. This means pulls and pity progress on one banner like the character event banner will not change pulls or affect pity on another banner like the light cone banner.

Players must start their pity counters from zero each time they switch between character event, light cone, and standard banners. However, once a single banner type like the character banner ends, the accumulated pulls and pity progress will carry over to the next character event banner.

Other Pity Details

In addition to 5-star pities, Honkai: Star Rail banners also have 4-star pities at a much lower threshold. Every 10 pulls is guaranteed to yield a 4-star character or weapon. These 4-star pities are separate for each banner type.

There is currently no information about any sort of weapon banner pity system in Honkai: Star Rail. Weapon banners may be introduced later as the game continues to develop new content.

Finally, while the standard rates are roughly 0.5% for a 5-star item per single pull, players report their odds increase significantly around the soft pity thresholds. However, the exact pity rates as the counter increases are still unknown and may vary slightly by banner. More data is needed to precisely determine the rate-up curve.

Maximizing the Pity System

Understanding how pity works allows players to optimize their resource management and chance of obtaining desired units. Some tips for making the most of the pity system include:

  • Tracking pulls and pities separately for each banner type to avoid going over the threshold.
  • Saving pulls for banners featuring really wanted characters near the soft pity range for higher odds.
  • Using the standard banner over time to accumulate pulls toward the 300-pull 5-star selector reward.
  • Only wishing on limited banners if close to soft pity or willing to potentially waste pulls at a high counter.
  • Considering the slightly better odds of light cone banners for weapons/off-banner characters.
  • Being aware pities do not carry between different banner types for resource planning.


The pity system is an important mechanic that helps alleviate frustration from bad gacha luck in Honkai: Star Rail. With careful tracking and strategic pulling only near soft pities, players can feel more secure obtaining new characters and weapons over time. Understanding all the nuances of how pity works across different banners is key to maximizing results as F2P or low spenders. With smart resource management aided by the pity counters, most dedicated players should be able to collect their desired units.

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