Insane GTA 6 Leak Reveals You Can Explore A NEW State


WhereThe locations shown in the leaked footage include areas from both Vice City (inspired by Miami) and other parts of Georgia.
WhoThe leak information was compiled and analyzed by GTA fans who have been investigating footage from a major hack of Rockstar’s systems.
WhenRockstar has not announced an official release date for GTA 6 yet, but industry estimates based on past games suggest a 2024 launch window.
WhyIncluding another US state would allow for a significantly more expansive game world with more varied landscapes, activities and gameplay possibilities than past GTA titles.
HowIf true, this would be the first time a mainline GTA game has allowed players to travel between distinct real-world states in the US with different climates and environments.

Rockstar Games has been famously tight-lipped about Grand Theft Auto 6, but recent leaked footage may have spilled some major details about the highly-anticipated game. Among other revelations, footage from the leaks indicates that GTA 6 won’t just be set in Vice City, but will include locations from an entire new state.

Leaked Gameplay Footage Provides a Glimpse of GTA 6

While Rockstar is keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes to official GTA 6 reveals, hackers recently leaked over 90 videos claimed to be early development footage of the game. Fans have been poring over the footage frame-by-frame to uncover any clues about what we can expect from one of the most anticipated games.

In addition to confirming long-rumored details like the inclusion of a female and male protagonist with customizable character options, the leaks also hinted at potential new gameplay mechanics. These include more enterable buildings, an updated police chase/bounty system, and additional character customization tools.

Location clues point to travel outside Vice City borders

Perhaps one of the biggest reveals from decoding the leaked footage is that GTA 6 won’t confine players solely to Vice City. Eager-eyed fans compiling information from the leaks noted references to iconic locations from the neighboring state of Georgia.

“Rockstar have brought down and featured locations from Georgia, including a Prison and mountain ranges not present in real world Florida,” stated one analysis of the leaked footage details. Twitter users even spotted footage of one protagonist outside a prison closely resembling Augusta State Medical Prison located in Georgia.

A much larger map than previous GTA games?

If the leaks are to be believed, this would mark the first time a core GTA title has allowed travel between two distinct US states. It’s a huge expansion of scale from the previous largest map of San Andreas.

By including portions of Georgia, Rockstar could significantly increase exploration and emergent gameplay possibilities. Players may be able to journey from the sun-drenched beaches and cities of Vice City all the way into forested mountains and rural towns inspired by northern Georgia locales.

Could we see a trailer soon?

Naturally, as this information comes from unverified leaked sources, we’ll have to wait for an official Rockstar announcement to know for sure. However, based on comments from Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick, that announcement may not be far off.

Zelnick has implied that GTA 6 could launch as early as 2024. This possibly lines up with Rockstar’s typical marketing timelines of releasing a teaser trailer 1-2 years before launch. So keep your eyes peeled – we may get an exciting first glimpse at the truly massive new world of GTA 6 in the coming months.

What else could the new location add?

The inclusion of another state opens up endless possibilities for expanded and diverse gameplay. We can likely expect varied landscapes like dense swamps in addition to the Vice City beaches.

New activities might also be introduced – will we see alligator wrestling or adventures in the Appalachian mountains? The additional state could cater to more rural criminal activities contrasting the big city vibes of Vice City.

Of course, this is all speculation until Rockstar provides an official look.

But one thing is for sure – venturing beyond just Vice City in GTA 6 sounds utterly epic.

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