Rainbow Friends Roblox Game: Review

Welcome to the twisted theme park of your nightmares – Rainbow Friends is here to scare your socks off!

Just like Garten of Banban scary playground setting, Rainbow Friends throws players into an abandoned amusement park that has definitely seen better days. Only instead of adorable creatures lurking in the dark, Odd World is inhabited by a menagerie of monstrous rainbow-colored beasts.

Between solving mysteries of the park’s mysterious past and evading the clutches of its creepy captors, there will be plenty of pants-wetting moments to go around.

Let’s take a closer look at what Rainbow Friends has to offer.

The Story

Rainbow Friends throws players into the shoes of a group of schoolchildren going on a field trip. Their bus driver takes a wrong turn and they end up stranded at an abandoned amusement park called Odd World. As night falls, strange creatures start emerging from the shadows. The goal is to work together to escape this creepy place alive.

Players are guided through the storyline via an in-game dialogue box. It does a good job setting the unsettling tone and motivating exploration. Each new area reveals more context about what happened at Odd World. Piecing together the backstory helps distract from the scares and keeps things interesting.


The gameplay in Rainbow Friends is centered around a fun game of hide-and-seek with a spooky horror twist. One player each round gets chosen to be “It” and has to go chasing after all the other players.

Being “It” means you play as one of the scary creatures lurking in Odd World. Your job is to try and tag or “infect” the other players before time runs out.

If you get tagged, you become a creepy creature too and have to join the chasing. The rounds keep going until everyone is “It” and there’s no one left to chase. Sounds intense! While being chased, the other players try to hide in different areas of the map to avoid getting caught. Good hiding spots are important to survive each round.

Between the frantic chase rounds, players work together to search for clues around Odd World. By finding things like notes or completing quick puzzles, you unlock new sections of the map to explore. Solving the mysteries helps piece together what really happened at the abandoned park. It’s fun cooperating with friends to discover secrets.

The controls are easy to understand whether you use a computer keyboard or devices with touchscreens. Moving your character and interacting with clues is simple. Since the rounds move at a fast pace, good communication with friends makes the game more enjoyable. Calling out tips, tricks or just screaming about jump scares all adds to the fun experience in Rainbow Friends!

In the end, the creative hide-and-seek gameplay keeps things fun and thrilling even with its creepy horror mood. Teaming up makes facing the frights a lot less scary too.

The Monsters

Rainbow Friends presents players with a creepy cast of monsters lurking within the abandoned Odd World amusement park. Each monster possesses its own frightening appearance and abilities to terrorize players.

  • Blue Rainbow Friend
    • The most iconic monster with its humanoid blue fur
    • Common sight terrorizing the park
  • Green Rainbow Friend
    • Covered in long tentacle-like arms
    • Can ensnare victims from a distance
    • Considered one of the easier monsters due to slow speed
  • Orange Rainbow Friend
    • Scaly lizard-like appearance
    • Imposing jaws and huge mouth
    • Lacks finesse but makes up for it with power
  • Yellow Rainbow Friend
    • Quick and agile
    • Blends into surroundings easily
    • Challenging to spot before it’s too late
  • Cyan Master
    • Possessing lightning-fast electrified limbs
    • Really amped up speed and shock factor
    • One of the most difficult monsters to escape
  • Purple Rainbow Friend
    • Shadowy inky form that melts into darkness
    • Pops out for deadly precision strikes
    • Thrives in stealth and surprise attacks

Each monster possesses unique traits that change up gameplay: varying speeds, attack styles, sizes and abilities. Learning to identify strengths and weaknesses of each monster enhances survival strategies in Odd World. Mastering evasive maneuvers against the diverse roster elevates tense showdowns in Rainbow Friends.

Graphics and Sound Design

Visually, Rainbow Friends aims for an abandon, run-down aesthetic that enhances the eerie abandoned park setting. Character and environment models exhibit just enough detail while maintaining that unsettling vibe. Texture work could use some improvement in certain areas though.

Atmospheric sounds like creaking boards and rustling leaves set the horror tone nicely. Jump scares utilize sudden loud noises that catch you off guard. Voice acting for the story dialogue could be a bit livelier. Music picks up intensity during chases to really ramp up the fear factor. Overall, the audio design enhances the immersive experience.


  • Thorough storyline keeps players engaged between scares
  • Tag-style multiplayer is simple yet tense and fun
  • Communication and teamwork are important strategies


  • Graphics could use some polish in spots
  • Younger kids may find it too frightening
  • Chat feature opens door to inappropriate behavior


So in the end, is Rainbow Friends a winner or a freak show flop? For horror fans seeking scares with friends, this game delivers enough spine-tingling thrills to get your pulse pounding. The creative hide-and-seek gameplay mixed with an unsettling storyline and cast of creepy creatures makes for prime fright night fun.

Where it really shines is encouraging communication and teamwork between pals to solve mysteries and survive each monster encounter. The multiplayer element takes what could be a solo scare-fest and turns it into a true shared experience. Coordinating strategies and watching out for each other enhances the enjoyment.

On the downside, the unnerving atmosphere and jump scares may terrify younger or more faint-of-heart players. Parental guidance is recommended due to the disturbing content. The graphics could also use some polish to immerse viewers further in Odd World’s nightmares.

Overall though, Rainbow Friends is a success in crafting chilling co-op chills and providing top-notch fright-based entertainment for older Roblox fans. With just the right blend of puzzles, plot and pump-your-stomach scares, this trip to the twisted theme park is a spine-tingling delight well worth experiencing.

The Score: 4/5
A unique multiplayer horror hit providing thrills, frights and frightfully good times with friends. Recommended for brave souls seeking scary sleeper party fun!


What is “Rainbow Friends” on Roblox?

“Rainbow Friends” is a horror-themed multiplayer game on Roblox, where players must survive and avoid being caught by colorful creatures in a creepy environment. The game features puzzle-solving elements and cooperative gameplay as players work together to escape.

How do you play “Rainbow Friends”?

In “Rainbow Friends,” players are typically tasked with completing certain objectives while navigating through a map to escape the creatures. Each game night presents different challenges and objectives, and players may need to find items, solve puzzles, and use stealth to avoid the creatures.

Who created “Rainbow Friends” on Roblox?

“Rainbow Friends” is created by an individual developer or a development team on the Roblox platform. The creator’s username should be visible on the game’s Roblox page, allowing players to find more information about them and their other games.

Can I play “Rainbow Friends” for free?

Yes, “Rainbow Friends,” like many games on Roblox, can be played for free. However, there may be in-game purchases available for cosmetic items, upgrades, or other benefits.

How do you survive in “Rainbow Friends”?

To survive in “Rainbow Friends,” you need to understand the behavior of the creatures, work collaboratively with other players, effectively use hiding spots, complete objectives quickly, and be strategic about your movement around the map.

Is “Rainbow Friends” suitable for children?

While “Rainbow Friends” is on the Roblox platform, which is generally aimed at a younger audience, it falls under the horror genre. Parents should be aware of the game’s themes and discretion is advised. The game may not be suitable for younger or sensitive children due to its scary elements.

What are the creatures in “Rainbow Friends”?

The creatures in “Rainbow Friends” are typically colorful entities, each with unique behaviors and ways of interacting with the players. Their designs and movements can be quite eerie, adding to the horror aspect of the game.

Can you customize your character in “Rainbow Friends”?

Character customization in “Rainbow Friends” is usually dependent on the in-game options provided by the developers. Players can often choose from various cosmetic options that Roblox generally offers, including clothing, accessories, and avatar looks.

Are there any tips for new “Rainbow Friends” players?

For newcomers to “Rainbow Friends,” it’s recommended to:

  • Play with sound on to hear any audio cues from the creatures.
  • Stay observant of your surroundings.
  • Learn from each encounter with the creatures, as it can help in future games.
  • Coordinate with other players for better chances of survival.

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