Roblox’s Doors is the Most Addictive Horror Game I’ve Ever Played

A new horror game on Roblox has rapidly become one of the most popular experiences on the entire platform, sparking fear in both casual players and big name YouTubers.

Dubbed “Doors”, the survival horror title puts players in a never-ending hotel with an endless number of doors to explore. But behind each door lies unknown horrors that want nothing more than to end your run.

Doors was released on August 10th by developer LSPLASH and immediately started gaining popularity through word of mouth and YouTube creators. Now, just a few weeks later, it has already amassed over 86 million visits and 237,000 likes. Those are insane numbers for any Roblox game, let alone an indie horror title.

But what exactly makes Doors so terrifying and addicting that it’s hitting these view milestones at lightning speed?

The Gameplay

The basic premise of Doors is simple – you must survive from Door 1 to Door 100 by exploring the endless hallways and rooms of the hotel. Each door leads to a new randomly generated area that could hold dangers or useful items. You’ll need to search furniture like dressers and closets for supplies to aid your run, such as flashlights, bandages, and speed boosts.

The real horror comes from the “entities” that lurk around every corner, just waiting to end your run. From creepy-eyed abominations to a screaming monster that breaks all the lights, these entities come in all shapes and sizes. Even worse, some like “Screech” or “Ambush” can instantly kill you with no chance to fight back. To survive, you’ll need to hide, solve puzzles, and avoid making too much noise.

Each playthrough is also a true roguelike experience, as the layouts and enemy placements change with every new run. This high replayability keeps the scares feeling fresh even after multiples plays. And if you die, tough luck – no continues, you start over from the beginning. The terrifying atmospheres and permadeath mechanics makes Doors an intense survival horror experience unlike any other on Roblox.

YouTubers Can’t Get Enough

Part of what’s driving Doors’ immense popularity is the huge number of famous YouTubers who can’t stop playing and recording it. Big names like KreekCraft, ThinkNoodles, and Flamingo, plus variety streamers like 8-BitRyan and xQc, have all uploaded multiple videos of their scream-filled experiences in the game.

Their terrified reactions and consistent playthroughs have exposed Doors to millions of viewers who then flock to the game themselves. ThinkNoodles even titled one of his first Doors videos “Is Doors The BEST Horror Game in Roblox?”, a telling description of just how pants-shittingly frightening he found it. The YouTubers also praise Doors for its scary atmospheres, randomized levels, and constant replay value that keeps their audiences coming back for more.

Some creators, like speedrunner iShowSpeed, have even dedicated entire Twitch streams to endlessly replaying Doors until they reach the final door – racking up hundreds of hours in the process! Clearly this game has an almost addictive quality that’s keeping content creators engrossed for far longer than typical one-off videos. Their enthralled reactions and continual promotion have undoubtedly contributed hugely to Doors unexpected rise.

A Horror Game Beyond Expectations

What’s really surprising about Doors’ success is that horror games rarely do so phenomenally well on Roblox, a platform mainly aimed at younger audiences. Most stick to more cartoonish styles that attract kids – so a true survival horror experience stands out. But LSPLASH has crafted an unsettling atmosphere utilizing lighting, sound design, and enemy behaviors that few Roblox games can match.

Doors feels like a genuinely unnerving indie title you’d find on Steam. From its dreary color palettes to the oppressive music during intense moments, every facet of the game oozes dread. It’s easy to forget you’re even playing within Roblox’s relatively simple graphics at times. This level of polish and terror has resonated hugely with older players seeking more mature gaming content on the platform.

LSPLASH’s mastery of ambiance highlights Roblox’s often untapped potential for horror. As the platform evolves graphics with new layers and materials, more advanced games like Doors can achieve a much wider range of moods and genres. Its success proves there’s a large audience hungry for seriously scary experiences, not just light jumpscares. It will be exciting to see if other developers follow in Doors’ footsteps to create more unsettling realistic horrors.

Addictive Survival Horror Done Right

There’s no doubt Doors has achieved mainstream popularity through the viral hype of YouTubers and streamers. But deep down, its long lasting appeal comes from simply being an exceptionally well-crafted horror game. The randomized levels, progression systems, loot hunts, and ever-present dangers all blend together almost flawlessly. Time after time, players and content creators can’t help but be drawn back into its nightmarish depths.

Doors proves survival horror can excel even on platforms like Roblox, so long as developers take the time to finely hone every little system and aesthetic. LSPLASH clearly poured passion into crafting a thoroughly unnerving and mechanically tight experience. For fans of the genre, Doors delivers repetitive yet unpredictable scares in spades. It’s sure to keep haunting players for many runs to come – whether they brave the endless hallways alone or together with friends online.

So if you’re looking for seriously scary survival horror action unlike any other on Roblox, you’d be foolish not to give Doors a try. But don’t say we didn’t warn you about the inevitable Screams and jumpscares that will no doubt ensue! This terrifying game is still spreading like wildfire across the platform – how long until it finds you hiding terrified behind yet another door? The entities of Doors are waiting in the darkness, so grab a flashlight and pray they don’t hear you coming…

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