Who is Charlotte in Genshin Impact?

by Henry James

Charlotte is an upcoming character in Genshin Impact, a popular open-world action RPG game developed by miHoYo. She was first introduced in the 3.7 livestream along with her voice actress, and she will appear as a major character in the 3.7 update’s main event, the King of Invokations Grand Prix TCG tournament.

Appearance and Personality

Charlotte is a young woman with pink hair and blue eyes. She wears a white shirt with a blue vest, a red tie, a brown skirt, black stockings and brown shoes. She also wears a pair of glasses and a hat with a feather on it. She carries a large camera and a notebook with her.

Charlotte is an energetic and enthusiastic journalist who works for The Steambird, a newspaper in Fontaine, one of the seven nations in Teyvat.

She loves to travel around the world and report on various events and stories. She is curious and adventurous, always looking for new information and experiences. She is also friendly and cheerful, willing to help others and make new friends.

Role in the Story

Charlotte will meet the Traveler, the main protagonist of Genshin Impact, when they arrive in Mondstadt to participate in the King of Invokations Grand Prix TCG tournament. This is a card game tournament based on the Genius Invocation system, which allows people to summon characters from Genshin Impact using cards. Charlotte is assigned to cover the tournament for The Steambird, and she will join the Traveler as their partner and guide.

Together, they will face various opponents and challenges in the tournament, such as Kaveh, a mysterious card master from Sumeru; Collei, a young girl who can manipulate fire; and Dori, a mischievous boy who likes to prank others. They will also encounter other familiar characters from Genshin Impact, such as Kaeya, Lisa, Klee, Fischl and more.

Along the way, Charlotte will share her insights and opinions on the Genius Invocation system, the card game mechanics, the characters and their stories, and the lore of Teyvat. She will also reveal more about herself, her background, her profession and her nation.

Playability and Speculation

Charlotte’s playability in Genshin Impact is not confirmed yet. She hasn’t been shown with an element or weapon, which are important for combat. However, she was introduced in a livestream along with her voice actress, suggesting she may be significant in the future.

Some players speculate that Charlotte could be a Hydro character using a Catalyst. This is based on her appearance resembling other Hydro Catalyst users like Mona and Barbara. Additionally, her nation, Fontaine, is associated with Hydro.

Other players suggest Charlotte could be a Dendro character with a Bow. This is based on her hat, which has a feather that could be related to Dendro, and her profession as a journalist, potentially involving shooting photos or arrows.

Regardless of her playability or element/weapon, Charlotte is expected to be important for the upcoming Fontaine region. Fontaine, inspired by France, is one of the unreleased nations in Teyvat. Dainsleif, a key character in Genshin Impact’s main story, hails from Fontaine.

Charlotte could serve as an introduction to Fontaine, similar to how Kazuha introduced Inazuma. She could provide information about Fontaine’s history, politics, culture, and secrets. Additionally, she may have connections or interactions with Dainsleif and other Fontaine characters hinted at or leaked before.

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