You Can Earn University Credits for Playing Genshin Impact!

Carnegie Mellon University has tapped into the worldwide craze of Genshin Impact, the hit RPG game, by allowing students to earn university credits while building their dream teams.

Here’s how it all went:

The Genshin Impact Hype

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm, raking in over $4 billion in lifetime revenue and boasting a player base of at least 65 million enthusiasts. Whether you’re an iOS or Android gamer, you’ve likely dabbled in the enchanting world of Teyvat. This action-packed RPG is all about exploration and battling it out with monsters and foes in a vast open world.

So, How Did Carnegie Mellon University Get in on the Action?

It all began when a Reddit user with the username kevinkassimo stumbled upon something rather unusual on their university’s course offerings. At Carnegie Mellon, there’s a unique educational organization known as StuCo (short for Student College).

Unlike your typical university classes, StuCo is a haven for unconventional, student-led courses on a wide range of topics. It’s where the academic rulebook gets tossed out the window, and students have the creative freedom to teach and learn about subjects that truly interest them.

Now, what sets StuCo apart is that students can actually earn three university credits for participating in these offbeat classes. Yes, you read that right—university credits for delving into subjects that may seem like pure fun and games. It’s an opportunity for students to share their knowledge and passions with their peers while gaining academic recognition for their efforts.

In this case, the eye-catching course that caught kevinkassimo’s attention was none other than “Genshin Impact: Team Building.” Imagine seeing a course title like that on your university’s course listing—it’s definitely not your typical math or history class!

Getting Schooled in Genshin Impact

Here’s a closer look at how this course unfolded:

  1. The TCG Tournament: One of the highlights of the course was the Trading Card Game (TCG) tournament. Here, students put their skills to the test in a competitive gaming environment, just like professional esports athletes. This not only added an exciting competitive element to the course but also fostered sportsmanship and strategic thinking.
  2. The Ultimate Test: The ultimate challenge in the course came in the form of the final exam. However, unlike traditional exams with pen and paper, this one was a true gaming showdown. Students were tasked with defeating a formidable boss in the Genshin Impact world, but there was a twist—they had to do it in just two minutes! What made it even more thrilling was that they had to use a completely different set of characters from what they were accustomed to. It was a test of adaptability, quick thinking, and teamwork.
  3. Strategic Team Building: Throughout the course, students delved into the nuances of team composition within Genshin Impact. They learned that success in the game often hinged on assembling a balanced team of characters with complementary abilities. This wasn’t just about picking favorite characters; it was about strategic planning and optimizing the team’s strengths for various in-game challenges.
  4. Real-World Skills: Beyond the virtual world of Genshin Impact, the skills acquired during this course were highly transferable to the real world. Teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability—all essential skills in both gaming and professional settings—were honed and put to the test.

Why Building a Balanced Team Is Crucial

In Genshin Impact, success often hinges on assembling a well-rounded team with characters boasting healing and crowd-control abilities. These abilities are vital for tackling endgame challenges and overcoming various obstacles in the game. So, it’s not just about picking your favorite characters; it’s about strategic team-building.

In a nutshell, Carnegie Mellon University has embraced the Genshin Impact craze and allowed students to earn university credits while honing their team-building skills in this RPG sensation. It’s proof that learning can be fun, even in the virtual world of Teyvat!

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